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We hope that you find something of interest in our list, and as all seed is freshly harvested, it will produce above average germination.

All prices are quoted in £ Sterling (100 pence =£1). Payment may be made by personal cheque on a UK bank account, British postal order, International Money Order or notes in the following currencies :- Sterling, German DM, US$, Dutch guilder, or Italian Lira, Maltese Lira, however if sending currency (other than Sterling or Maltese Lira) please add the equivalent to £3.00 sterling to cover bank charges. Visa/Mastercard cards are accepted, but please add 4% to the total invoice price.(Sorry, personal cheques are not acceptable except in sterling on a British bank.)


Please quote the seedlist, i.e. 2002 and list the seeds in alphabetical order, including the reference number, description, qty and price. Please quote alternatives as some seeds are in short supply, if more cash is sent than the order, the following alternatives can be offered:- a cheque in sterling on a, currency as sent (when available), or the nearest substitute in seed (our choice), or additional seed to that ordered.

A packet contains from 20 to 30 seeds, where a * or ** follows the description then only 5 or 10 seeds respectively are included, and are usually limited to one packet per customer. Where an * follows the 500 price 1,000 may be ordered at pro-rata less 20% discount.

Please be aware of your own countries import requirements and advise us accordingly, some countries are now insisting on phytosanitary certificates and where applicable CITES I certificates.(UK needs import permit for plants,cost £5.00 per genus.)

NB To export CITES I from Malta it is compulsory to have a certificate. The seeds preceeded by # are Cites appendix 1.

There is an administration charge of £3.00 for phytosanitary and £8.00 for CITES, or £11.00 if both are required, at present the certificates should only take one week to produce, but we are in the hands of the authorities in this respect.

All seed will be packed securely and posted by registered airmail, the inclusive charge for postage and packing is £3.00 (Europe), £4.00 (Rest of World).

Discounts: On orders of £25.00 net of charges :- 5% discount will apply, £50.00 net 7½%, £100.00 net 10%, £500.00 net 15%.

NB. Our terms are Payment with order and we may reduce the order in the event of underpayment at our discretion. ECONOMY TIP Why not combine your order with friends to gain advantage of lower prices and discounts, not to mention the savings on postage, permits, phytosanitary and Cites. Get more seeds for your money!


All plants are healthy and vigorous, they are sent bare root and clean of most soil, they are checked carefully for pests and must have a CITES certificate. Most countries also require a phytosanitary certificate. (Charge for both is £11.00 per order)

Plants will be sent by registered airmail, please ensure that you have the necessary import permits.

Postage is at cost,and will vary according to the weight of plants and destination, you should add 25% to the order price, any excess will be refunded, held to credit ,or additional plants sent whichever you prefer, please quote a few substitutes to assist us in the event of sold out or overpayment. Some plants are in short supply.

Plants are despatched at the customers risk, we recommend delaying transit so that low temperatures will not be encountered.

(insurance can be arranged at extra cost). (G means the plant is grafted)

Visa/ Mastercard are acceptable, subject to a surcharge on the order price of 4%.

Orders below £25.00 are respectfully declined.

GUARANTEE If plants when received are not up to our description, you may return them to us for a replacment or full refund.



1000's where marked * use 500 rate X 2 minus 20%,don't forget discounts, up to 15% depending on order value.

Cites (seed marked #) cert is £8.00.Phytosanitary cert. (If reqd.,) £3.00. Postage Europe flat £3.00, rest of world flat £4.00.


Must have Cites, and usually need Phytosanitary and depending on importing country may also need import permit. These take some time to obtain, so please state if we are to delay shipment.


Depends on weight and destination. There are four areas, Europe is the cheapest, New Zealand is the highest. Please add 25% to plant value, any surplus can be held to credit, refunded, or additional seed or plants added. Where plants and seed order are mixed, only pay for the plants.